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One shot interviews

“Even now, but most especially when MMORPGs were brand new… UO was fertile ground for fun and whacky adventures of any kind. With so much freedom, the content is the world and the players – not just the quest line and the scripted raid boss.” — Az

Here is where you’ll find those bloggers/podcasters who for various reasons either declined to participate in the chapter interviews of the Valhalla project or never received an invitation from me but were still willing to be interviewed.

In the future I also hope to interview other people outside the blogosphere who may still be of interest to the MMO community. You should eventually find some of those interviews here as well.

*   *   *

–Interview with James Maliszewski, author of the RPG blog Grognardia. Here we discuss his blog, his humble gaming origins, his preference for knives, and what’s going on in his gaming world these days.  (3/11/11)

–Interview with Az, a notable champion of Ultima Online and creator of the independent rules server In Por Ylem. Here he discusses a bit about his gaming background, his thoughts on UO, and what he’s strived to accomplish with In Por Ylem.  (1/7/11)

–Interview with Rubi Bayer, a staff writer for as well as the co-host for the podcasts Massively Speaking and GuildCast.  (9/3/10)

–Interview with lead game designer for Flying Lab Software, Drew Clowery, who talks about his professional background in the gaming industry, his current hobbies and favorite pastimes, including sleeping on couches, and what advice he has for those hoping to get into the field.   (1/6/10)

–Interview with Hungarian iPhone game developers Elendil and Sylon. They discuss their company Redshift, what they happen to do there, their own gaming background and current interests, and offer some advice to those wanting to try their hand at developing applications for the iPhone. (11/18/09)

–Interview with Arnold Hendrick, a 25-year veteran computer game designer. (10/20/09)

–Interview with Digitally Staving Off Boredom blogger and independent game designer Geldon.  (10/13/09)

–Interview with Roger Travis, associate professor of classics and Mediterranean studies at the University of Connecticut and Living Epic: Video Games in the Ancient World blogger.  (10/5/09)

–Interview with game developer and T=Machine blogger, Adam Martin.  (9/30/09)

–Interview with Ivy from The Road Goes Ever On blog.  (9/28/09)

–Interview with Almazar and Weaux from the LOTRO Reporter.  (9/23/09)

–Interview with MMO blogger Werit.   (9/22/09)

–Interview with Bootae from Bootae’s Bloody Blog.  (9/15/09)

–Interview with Kelly, the (un)Enlightened English blogger.  (9/11/09)

–Interview with Bio Break blogger Syp.  (9/9/09)

–Interview with We Fly Spitfires blogger Gordon.  (9/2/09)

–Interview with Gnomeaggedon from the Armaggedon’s Coming blog.  (8/31/09)

–Interview with Syracuse University’s Associate Professor of Information Studies Scott Nicholson.  (8/27/09)

–Interview with’s contributing editor James Egan.  (8/21/09)

–Interview with Overly Positive blogger Frank Sanchez.  (8/20/09)

–Interview with Epic Slant blogger Ferrel.  (8/19/08)

–Interview with Keen from Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog.  (8/17/09)

–Interview with Broken Toys blogger Scott Jennings.  (8/12/09)

–Interview with co-lead blogger Mike Schramm.  (8/10/09)

–Interview with Killed in a smiling accident blogger and podcaster Melmoth.  (8/7/09)

–Interview with Zoso from the Killed in a smiling accident blog and podcast.  (8/6/09)

–Interview with William Dobson contributing editor for  (8/5/09)

–Interview with Kill Ten Rats blogger Julian.  (8/4/09)

–Interview with Bullet Points blogger Anjin.  (7/28/09)

–Interview with Matticus of the World of Matticus blog.  (7/23/09)

–Interview with Dragonchasers blogger Pete Smith(7/21/09)

–Interview with Slice and Dice blogger Samueltempus(7/16/09)

–Interview with MMO blogger Hudson from Hudson’s Hideout(7/14/09)

–Interview with Hardcore Casual blogger Syncaine(7/6/09)

–Interview with blogger Ixobelle from

–Interview with Euripedes from the Critical QQ blog.  (6/26/09)

–Interview with MMORPG blogger Tobold(6/19/09)

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