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Valhalla Project: What are they playing now?

Posted by Randolph Carter on January 25, 2010

Many months ago I went about the MMO blogosphere making a nuisance of myself and asking quite a few bloggers and podcasters questions about their gaming lives and habits.  Somehow this became known as The Valhalla Project (a name which I’ve grown to like).  In thinking of ways to continue with this project I thought it would be interesting to check back in with many of these participants to see what games they were currently playing and which ones they were looking forward to. 

The answers I got were quite varied and seemed to cover a wide range of gaming tastes and habits. From nuns with standing offers to kiss Craig Zinkievich’s backside, to burned-out tri-boxers, to those not currently playing any MMOs, to those not playing any games at all, the replies were interesting to say the least.



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What game/games (not necessarily MMOs) are you currently playing?

Aaron Miller

I’m not currently playing anything. I’ve given up gaming, at least temporarily, as my last blog post explains. As much as I love games, I believe the vast majority of them are nothing more than entertainment. Though they might be more engaging than a typical movie, they have little value beyond passing the time. Games don’t have to be that way — they could offer deep insights and inspiration, like good literature does — but they are generally not a productive use of my time. So I’ve decided to devote that time to other things.


Dragon Age, Assasin’s Creed II, Dawn of War II, Left 4 Dead


I’ve been playing four games with some regularity this month. They are (in Steam menu order):

  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • King’s Bounty: Armored Princess
  • Borderlands
  • Plants Vs Zombies
  • I’ve also been playing a lot of World of Warcraft, but I just unsubscribed again yesterday.


Dragon Age: Origins


Left for Dead 2, CoD: Modern Warfare 2, Prince of Persia (that latest one that came out ahwile ago) and Warhammer Online


I am currently playing: Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online, and a Twitter game called Echo Bazaar. I’ve also been beta testing Star Trek Online.


Right now, I’m currently playing through Dragon Age:Origins. I’m also playing World of Warcraft a little bit still on a baby Draenei alt. I’m about to start playing Mass Effect in preparation for Mass Effect 2 coming out. And I’m playing a slew of casual Facebook games such as Island Life, Castle Age, Kingdoms of Camelot, and Treasure Madness.

Darren Love

– Currently playing World of Warcraft again to ramp up for the expansion. Good to go there. I’m finding my eyes aren’t bleeding from raiding anymore…go figure.

– Testing out the Star Trek Online beta…getting ready for launch.

– Playing some really great strategy titles: AI Fleet War, Gratuitous Space Battles, Hearts of Iron 3


I just started up Dragon Age: Origins for the PC, along with Fight Night Round 4 and NHL 10 on the Xbox 360.  MMOs are on the backburner for now, probably until WoW: Cataclysm comes out.


World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Star Trek Online (beta)


I suppose this is probably common knowledge by now, but I have been playing a significant amount of Dragon Age: Origins recently. I do quite like me some RPGs, especially of the Bioware flavour. I cannot even begin to fathom how much time I’ve clocked into things like Neverwinter Nights and Mass Effect. Hundreds, probably thousands of hours.

As always, I dabble with console games, largely Rock Band, whenever I go to a friend’s house. Very recently, I gave Saints Row 2 a try and it was… cathartic. Absolutely cathartic. There is little quite as satisfying as taking a cute asian girl and hunting FBI agents with a rocket launcher. Better yet, there is actually a quest in the game to do just that.

Saints Row 2, huge thumbs up. It’s basically what GTA should have been, instead of the “i r srs game about hookers” the GTA series is trying to be right now. The writing is surprisingly good, the characters in the game are especially well written and extremely entertaining. This is a game where you are given a quest to soak neighbourhoods in poop, and yet it contains multiple heartwrenching moments.

Or maybe I’m just sentimental towards hyper violent psychopaths.

I haven’t tried any other MMOs in a while. The abject failures of everything from Tabula Rasa to Age of Conan to the mind boggling stupidity of the games that haven’t been failures yet (Warhammer, Aion) to the successful games being, essentially, a copy+paste of World of Warcraft (Lord of the Rings Online comes to mind) has turned me off the idea completely.

It feels like, besides WoW, I have a choice of either playing (pardon my irish) the shitty ripoff, the shitty failure, or the ripoff that is boring instead of shitty.


I’m currently playing EverQuest 2.


Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, EverQuest II, Vanguard, EVE, Wizard 101, Aion, Fallen Earth, Sims 3, (as well as a few betas) Allods Online, Star Trek Online


Currently, I’m mostly playing Dungeons and Dragons Online after a recent decision to stop investing in monthly subscription MMOs games.  In addition, I’m dabbling with a deluge of cool but cheap games I picked holiday sales including Majesty 2, Swat 4, Braid, and Ben There, Dan That!


World of Warcraft & Dragon Age: Origins


Non-MMOs: I just finished Dragon Age: Origins and am currently playing Fallout 3.

MMOs: I’m only really playing WoW at the moment although tempted to resub to EVE Online.


I’m currently playing World of Warcraft, Dragon Age: Origins, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Final Fantasy Dissidia.


Fallen Earth, Star Trek Online and Global Agenda eat up my time


I play World of Warcraft; it’s basically what I play. WoW has effectively destroyed any other game’s chance of squeezing into my free gaming time, so there you go. I poked around in the Allods beta (a nice WoW clone!) for a few days, and that was kind of neat, but the beta ran out and now I’m back to WoW. I bought Aion when it went live after having a pretty positive experience with the Chinese Client before it was available in the states, activated my account, and managed to actually play it one day out of my entire free month.

I’ve been working a lot in the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset, creating something that I intend to shop around for a position in the gaming industry, so I guess you could say that I’ve been playing NWN2, but ugh…. that game is horrendous, and I file my time spent in that engine as work, not play.


I’m currently sucked into Dragon Age: Origins. I just finished my second play through of Mass Effect and moved onto this other great Bioware RPG. I have dabbled from time to time with Cities XL, picked at Knights of the Old Republic, and flirted with Bioshock. Unfortunately my MMO of choice, Lord of the Rings Online, is on hiatus right now. After 3 years of consecutive and almost exclusive play, I needed a break. Hopefully I can soon add it back to my currently playing list.

Jonathan Morris

Dragon Age: Origins, Fallen Earth, Fallout 2, and a nostalgic return to Kings Quest 5 with my kids.


City of Heroes


I’m not really playing an MMO at the moment–the holidays involved a LOT of traveling for me, my finals involved 5 10-20 page papers, and it was just too much to have an MMO going too. So while I WAS playing World of Warcraft for a bit, I’m now messing around with Diablo II (lol), Neverwinter Nights II, and an iPhone game called Inotia II: A Wanderer of Luone. …That’s a lot of sequels! Until things settle down a bit, I probably won’t be playing another MMO.


World of Warcraft, EverQuest2, Star Trek Online Beta, Earth Eternal, Heroes of Gaia, Farmville, Dragon Age: Origins, Grand Theft Auto IV, Team Fortress 2


Torchlight, Defense Grid, Mass Effect, Call of Duty: MW 2.


Bouncing between Star Trek Online open beta, Lord of the Rings Online and Dragon Age Origins. With a sprinkling of Borderlands on the 360.


Taking a break from Lord of the Rings Online; currently on my fourth tour of duty in World of Warcraft and playing Dragon Age: Origins.


Champions Online, Dragon Age: Origins


World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online. Saint’s Row 2, The Witcher. Dragons Age: Origins.


I just recently canceled all subscriptions.  I had been tri-boxing World of Warcraft in an attempt to get two Shadow Priests and a Mage as options for 5-boxing TBC 5-man instances.  I got them to level 53 before losing interest and free time.  I once again subscribed then unsubscribed to EVE Online.  At the moment, I’m out in the cold.


Champions Online, City of Villains/Heroes, Star Trek Online (well, have beta tested anyway, will play at release also), Fallen Earth

On PS3: Uncharted (the first one) and Brütal Legend.

Sister Frances

I’m currently playing, what I have been playing for the last 4 years…World of Warcraft. That’s about it. I played Champions Online for a while, but lost interest. I played Aion Online for a while but lost interest. I played Warhammer Online for a while but lost interest. The only game that has KEPT my interest is WoW. I almost hate to say it, because so many people poo-poo the game, but it just has the elements that seem to hold my interest.

Sister Julie

World of Warcraft, but only on Wednesdays nights for raiding. Rob Pardo is in league with the devil and I hate myself for having gone back (even though it was at Fran’s invitation to raiding night).  I have threatened to unsubscribe from WoW but Fran told me to lay down until the feeling goes away.

Star Trek Online (beta): I was there afor closed beta (thanks Cryptic), and I am there for open beta. I have pre-ordered the collector’s edition. I have been waiting for this game for a LONG time.

My offer to kiss Craig Zinkievich’s (executive producer for Star Trek Online) butt on mainstreet for helping to save the game still stands.

Fallen Earth: It’s post apocalyptic and I get to ride motorcycles and shoot zombies – it is probably the perfect game and ICARUS STUDIOS ROCKS!!

Champions Online: Only so many subscription dollars to go around and something has to give. This will probably give.

Alganon: A good game off to a good start and fun to play.

Fallout 3: My favorite single player game (and hey I know how to re-program it!)

Oblivion: This is sort of my fall back Swords and Sorcery game when I can’t get online anywhere.


Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, EverQuest II, Vanguard, EVE, Wizard 101, Aion, Fallen Earth, Sims 3, (as well as a few betas) Allods Online, Star Trek Online


Currently playing mostly DarkFall, although I still play a little Torchlight (have yet to finish it once), and I just picked up King’s Bounty off steam. Also playing New Mario on the Wii.


I am currently playing Monopoly, Scrabble (board games), Dragon’s Lair and Tap Tap Revolution (iPhone), Legends of Zork and Echo Bazaar (browser-based), World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Wizard 101 and Star Trek Online (MMO).


World of Warcraft


Everquest II and a little known german web game called Ogame


Currently I am playing Warhammer Online and when I get a chance, Fallen Earth.


World of Warcraft – Just raiding until we kill Arthas to end the Lich King expansion. Not sure if I’ll play Cataclysm, but I WILL buy Collector’s Editions of it, just in case.

Aion – Gives me a nostalgic feeling of Everquest, which I enjoy. The game is also beautiful.

Everquest 2EQ was my favorite MMO of all time, so continuing it goes w/o saying. Even after it reverted to an easy-mode MMO, the lore is great and I love seeing places I used to frequent in EQ, updated.


Everquest 2, have been for most of a year now (again). Currently my only MMO.

EchoBazaar, a fun little game I discovered through an RL friend a week or so ago. In the last week about a dozen of the people I follow/who follow me on Twitter have joined, since you can tweet descriptions and actions from the game.

… Sad to say, that’s all right now, unless FreeCell counts. I played Dragon Age: Origins for a while and was very enthusiastic about it (lots of blog posts ;)), but at some point it somehow lost its grip on me and I haven’t even finished it. The Sims 3 languishes similarly unplayed.


Been a bit of a funny time recently, the phone line went out 11 days ago in heavy snow and still isn’t back, so no broadband and no online gaming.  I blogged a bit about three sandbox-y games I’ve been playing, Grand Theft Auto IV, Saints Row 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla, and after finishing the main Saints Row story I’ve been heading back in to chip away at various other activities.  Also dipping into Dawn of War II (not really convinced by it so far), and Men of War, which is a bit rough around the edges but really good.  Once the internet’s back I’m looking forward to getting back into Dungeons and Dragons Online with a few other bloggers, and also a bit of Champions Online.


The Lord of the Rings Online, Torchlight, Team Fortress 2

2 Responses to “Valhalla Project: What are they playing now?”

  1. Talk about great minds think alike – I visit the vast majority of the games mentioned here regularly.

    Also, @Ixobelle:

    I’ve been working a lot in the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset, creating something that I intend to shop around for a position in the gaming industry, so I guess you could say that I’ve been playing NWN2, but ugh…. that game is horrendous, and I file my time spent in that engine as work, not play.

    A painful truth I experienced as well! I’d go so far as to say it’s not even the toolset, it’s the dated Bauldurs Gate AD&D 3rd Ed translation.

  2. Wonder if Mass Effect 2 will be as popular with the bloggers as Dragon Age: Origins was? You should do a follow up survey soon 🙂

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