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Do you know this girl?

Posted by Randolph Carter on October 25, 2009

At some point in the near future I’ll be interviewing Robin Hobb.  She sent me a note today asking me a favor.  What follows is part of her message to me.

Please look at the above news story and the picture of the amnesiac girl.

I am betting that she belongs to on-line groups, and possibly one that shares an interest in my works. If she looks like anyone on any of your ‘friends’ lists on any social networking site with a Hobb interest, please contact the police. If you recognize her story line about ‘Rian’ from any writing/critiquing groups you belong to, please contact the police.

Needle in a haystack, I know. But if we all sift a handful of straw, the haystack gets searched pretty fast.

Some of the comments following newstories about this girl have been snarky and sarcastic. The suspicion is that she’s ‘faking’. I’d rather be gullible a thousand times than turn away once from someone I could help.

Thank you,



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