Grinding to Valhalla

Interviewing the gamer with a thousand faces

Sister Julie (Chapter 4)

Posted by Randolph Carter on July 8, 2009

MMO community connection:

No Prisoners No Mercy

Chapter 4: Preferences

At your peak, how much time per week would you say you spent gaming? How about now?

Well, where I live now it’s about 300 feet above sea level, and that’s not much of a peak. I traveled through the continental divide once, but I didn’t have a game with me even though that was a very high peak. But then, again that wasn’t really “MY” peak…it was in Yellowstone National park, so really that particular peak belongs to the State of Wyoming. That presents an interesting point…how do you ask a state how much time it spends gaming? Can a state game at all? After all the State of Nevada has a lot of gaming.

When during the week are your regular play times?

I have never had a problem with regularity – on those rare occasions when I do I usually make sure I get a lot of fiber in my diet. Did I get that question right? When will the grades be passed out?

Generally speaking, are you more of a social creature in MMOs (grouping to quest, joining guilds, etc.) or something of a lone wolf?

The only creature I have ever played in an mmo would be a tauren and that isn’t really a creature is it? It’s more of a creature/being. I have been some nice people in mmos and because of the writing and podcasting I do about it. MMOs are part of what Marshall McLuhan called “The Global Village”. Getting around the global village has allowed me to meet people I never would have otherwise. But every mmo has people who treat others around them badly. Those people are creatures – jackasses.

Have you made any lasting friendships through your MMO experience? Please explain.

This assumes, of course, that I have had lasting friendships. I have had lasting friendships, of course, but they had nothing to do with gaming – Unless you count the friendship with my sister, cohost and mother superior. I have a lifelong friendship with her but the mmo came after the friendship. Does that even count? I mean we met the first time because of Star Trek and a Star Trek Online game is coming out but I guess you can’t say we met because of Star Trek Online, even though it is Star Trek…or can you. I think I derailed my train of thought here.

Before logging into a game, do you already have a course of action planned out in your head, or do you just sort of do whatever you feel like once in game?

I guess it depends very much on what I am logging on to the game for – but “course of action” makes it sound too much like a battle plan…it’s a game, not a strategy for the D-Day Invasion.

When playing MMOs do you tend to just play one at a time or do you take more of the smorgasbord approach?

A smorgasbord approach? Are we talking about food or video games here…I think you have me confused.

Do you tend to supplement your MMO gaming with other PC, console or tabletop games?

I like supplements – they’re good for you. I make my mmos take vitamin C.

Are you something of an altoholic?

Never…I only rarely have a beer and even then only with pizza.

Do you find yourself multitasking while gaming (perhaps watching TV, talking on the phone, out of game instant messaging, playing another game, or even listening to a podcast)?

I drink coffee while I game – does that count as multitasking? If so than I do A LOT of multitasking because I drink A LOT OF COFFEE.

Do you find yourself having much MMO discussion off-line, perhaps with friends or family?

Oh I hope so…otherwise my column would simply be a blank page and the podcast I co-host at would be nothing but dead airspace – which is fine, I suppose if you are reviewing a zombie game but it would still be a bit boring.

Have you ever felt that you game too much? If so, how did you cope with that?

Too much by who’s standards? By my standard? Those change. What about someone else’s standards? My co-hosts standards? She’s my sister and I care about that. By anyone else’s standards? Who cares what they think about how much I game. As far as coping is concerned, a little apathy about the issue goes a long way. If you don’t care how much you game there is nothing to cope with.

Since you started playing MMOs, have you ever taken a break from the genre? If so, please explain.

I take breaks from gaming all the time – coffee breaks.


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