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Foolsage (Chapter 5)

Posted by Randolph Carter on May 22, 2009

MMO community connection:

Fool’s Age

Chapter 5: Blogging

When did you first start blogging?

I started blogging in August of last year. I took some time off at the end of the year, since my life was going through some major changes and I was reassessing how I spend my time.

Why do you blog?

I find game design interesting and like discussing it with other knowledgeable people. Then, too, I simply like to write.

Do you have a schedule or some sort of routine you try and follow when blogging?

Nope! Though I will admit that roughly 95% of my blogging is done at work during slow periods.

Is there some grind involved in blogging? If so, what is it and how do you cope with it?

Yeah, it’s been a lot of work getting high enough blog faction to start work on my epics. I try to whittle away at it with my dailies but it’s slow going. I’m hoping to unlock the first tier faction quests in the next month, and until then it’s just grind grind grind.

OK, no, that was completely tongue-in-cheek. I don’t treat blogging as a job and there’s no grind. I do sometimes want to write but lack things I want to write about in my blog; this has been ameliorated by getting back into playing MMOs.

By contrast, what do you find pleasurable about blogging?

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas, and both giving and receiving feedback.

How many people offline know you blog?

Hmm. If you mean people who don’t actually read blogs, then not many, perhaps a handful. Pretty much everyone I know is online at least a little bit though.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to try their hand at blogging?

Don’t do it! It’s extraordinarily painful, difficult, and time consuming. Or, no, wait, that’s root canals. Blogging is painless and easy, and sometimes can be done quickly. I don’t think people all blog in the same ways or for the same reasons so don’t think general advice is probably helpful.

What is something you know now that you wish you had known when you first started?

I’m not completely sure that I know anything now, so I can’t answer this.

Can you picture a future where you will hang up your keyboard and no longer blog?

Sure. After the zombie apocalypse it’s all up in the air. OK, ok, more seriously… sure, I might find that I lose interest in blogging at some point. If it ceases to be fun for me then I won’t do it. I’m not getting paid for it and it’s not about padding my resume; it’s just a hobby.

At your funeral, what song(s) would you have played as your corpse is set alight and cast out to sea on a funeral barge?

Well, “Carmina Burana” by Orff is always popular for viking funerals. “Nellie the Elephant” by the Toy Dolls is of course nearly as popular but lacks a bit of the gravitas. I’m rather fond of “Time” by Pink Floyd though, so might choose that one, iconoclast that I am.


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