Grinding to Valhalla

Interviewing the gamer with a thousand faces

Stargrace (Chapter 3)

Posted by Randolph Carter on April 14, 2009

MMO community connection:

Chapter 3: Online

Were you ever exposed to MUDs?

My Dad used to run a BBS when I was younger, and he used to have a MUD on it called Hack and Slash. That was in the early 90’s but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. My real first exposure was when my younger brother started playing back when I was in high school. I guess around 1998, not that long ago.

What was your first MMO experience?

My first MMO experience would be EverQuest, back in 2004. Again not that long ago.

If possible, list all the MMOs you’ve played extensively.

Oh great.. Lets see..

  • EverQuest – 80 necromancer, 78 enchanter, 73 rogue, 73 druid, and a handful of alts lower then those.
  • EverQuest II – 80 troubador, 80 warden, 80 coercer x2 (a sickness, I know), 80 illusionist, 80 templar, 80 mystic, and a lot more characters 50+ but not quite 80.
  • World of Warcraft – 55 Priest, 55 Hunter, 55 Druid
  • Vanguard: SOH – 44 bloodmage and a lot of alts
  • Wizard 101 – 20 Life Wizard (and alts)
  • Warhammer Online – 25 Zealot (and alts)
  • Lord of the Rings Online – 20 Minstrel (and alts)

Those are the ones I’ve played extensively. I’ve also played Guildwars, Lineage II, Hero Online, Dungeon Runners, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Angels Online, EVE, Runes of Magic, Chronicles of Spellborn, and Silkroad Online but to a much lesser degree.

What is your current MMO of choice, or perhaps, what are your current MMOs of choice?

EverQuest II and Lord of the Rings Online

Which MMO have you spent the most time playing? How long would you say that has been?

EverQuest II, since release so going on over five years now.

Have you reached level cap in any MMO? If so, which ones?

I’ve reached the level cap only in EQ2 but I’ve come close in EQ and VG. Hoping to get there in LotRO one day too. Who knows.

Loki taps you on the shoulder one day to inform you that you have fallen victim to one of his elaborate pranks. The world you’ve been inhabiting of countless MMOs to choose from and play has merely been a dream. In reality only one MMO exists. After laughing at you for a bit he decides to take pity on you and allows you to choose which MMO will remain. Which one would you choose and why?

Ideally, I wouldn’t choose. It’s not a choice I could make because there are different aspects to every game that I enjoy in one regard or another or else I wouldn’t even bother playing. However; were I forced to choose it would probably be EQ and simply because it was my first ‘real’ MMO and I have the fondest memories of playing there. It’s like your first love, and hard to forget.

Are there any MMOs currently in development that you are particularly interested in? Please explain.

Free Realms, though I don’t keep any particular tabs on games that are in development. When they release I think it’s great and I’m excited but I don’t pay much attention to MMO news per say.

Feel free to share an interesting or amusing anecdote related to your MMO gaming experience.

I’ve met some of the most incredible people through gaming. I can’t stress that enough. I’ve got a million stories I could tell about the adventures we’ve all been on, and little quirks and interesting tid bits that only we know about since we were there to experience it. I love things like that, it’s what keeps me playing and keeps me interested.


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